What's in a name?



This past Christmas, I, Christopher, was traveling with Julia to visit some friends for a Christmas party.  This was your standard ugly Christmas sweater party.  Now as most of my family and friends know, I absolutely LOVE dressing up.  Thus prior to departing on our three-hour drive, I donned a full Santa suit which I planned to wear for the entirety of the ride. 

It was at the hour mark that I felt an excruciating pain in my lower back.  The intensity increased to the point whereupon our arrival to our final destination, an immediate trip to the hospital was in order.  Julia had to nearly carry "Santa" into the hospital, where we shortly found out I had kidney stones.  PERFECT.  It was a little surreal to be dressed up as Santa getting told that I would be experiencing some crazy-horrific pain for next few days of the holiday season.

Now, if you have ever had a kidney stone you know that the only thing that really subdues the pain at all is heat.   Thus, I would often take hot baths.  It was during these baths that we began brainstorming about what we might name our future endeavor.   

We wanted the name to be comprised of words and ideas that we were all passionate about. The word nomad and the concept it embodies, was always something that we had loved.  This romantic idea of an individual traveling the world, meeting new people, and being introduced to so many new things and then bringing them home with him.  Truly we hope to be these nomads who bring new food, drink, and brands to Bismarck.  Also, we hope to inspire people to be nomads themselves.  We believe people live richer lives when they experience the world for themselves.  Whether it is breathing in the dusty air from the Mandan Rodeo during the Fourth of July or traveling 3 months on El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, every experience enriches not only the individual but our community as well.   

So Nomad was in, but how could we expand upon that.  Well, we also knew we wanted to incorporate something associated with nature or the environment.  We immediately piggybacked on the idea of said nomad roaming the earth.  Terra is a strong word meaning ‘earth' and we love the way that each word complements the other.

So the concept of Terra Nomad was born out of a desire to introduce quality food, drink and goods to our community, BUT the name was a result of a Christmas Miracle AKA Christopher’s kidney stone debacle.