Four Barrel

Hey my coffee companions! Guess what we did this past week.  We shipped ourselves to San Francisco to hang out with our friends over at Four Barrel Coffee and learned all the tricks of the trade.  These people know their stuff and we are super pumped to be a part of their extended family.  And by default that means that you will be something like their second cousin once removed.  That should make you extremely happy. 

This past year we were doing our coffee research, which entailed ordering all sorts of coffees and tasting them.   It was months of coffee torture.  We received our first Four Barrel Coffee on an ordinary weekend this past spring.  We were sitting on the couch listening to Ballroom Blitz by Sweet when we took that first sip.  You know those movie moments where the actors look at each other and lock eyes as if to say, “What the hell was that?”  This was one of those moments.  We didn’t realize that coffee could taste like that, let alone coffee that we had made at home.

We immediately started reading anything and everything we could get our hands on regarding this company.  Let’s just say that they not only specialize in coffee roasting, but they also focus on and stress the importance of quality throughout the entire process of the coffee bean.  From the Columbian farmer drying the bean to Four Barrel’s roasting cycle to the barista’s latte pouring technique: every point along the process impacts what you taste as a consumer. 

Our weekend with Four Barrel began with an in-depth look at a roasting cycle via their 1950’s Probat roaster.   This behemoth of German engineering was reminiscent of machinery straight out of the industrial revolution.  Ryan, the giant-of-a-man rocking the roaster, explained with yoda-like knowledge the various “forces” involved in creating an exceptional coffee for consumption.  The next three days were spent learning the ins and outs of espresso and coffee.  Trevor instructed us in the artistry of espresso; where we learned that it is the minute details that truly differentiate mediocrity from the sublime.  On our final day with Four Barrel, Tayler guided us through a cupping of their latest coffee offerings.   The complexity and range of flavors are something we are extremely excited to introduce to our community.

We cannot thank and praise Four Barrel enough for the their hospitality this past weekend.   So, Bismarck, put on your dancing shoes because Terra Nomad will be hosting a daily party and our good friends over at Four Barrel Coffee love to boogie.