Mustards, Mayos and more!

So picture this:  You find yourself at your local grocery store picking up a few staples for that new recipe you’ve been dying to try.   Maybe you need a bit of mustard to glaze those salmon steaks you’re attempting to cedar smoke, or just searching for a new dressing for that same old salad you’re throwing together on the side.  There’s that one aisle where you can find it all, you know, the one lined floor to ceiling with pickles, vinegars, oils, and pre-bottled sauces, marinades and salad dressings.  The one where you’re bombarded with and overwhelmed by the countless options, low-fat, fat-free, sugar-free, low-sodium, no-sodium, bright colors, flashing lights.  You try to focus and read the labels and digest it all, “How do I know which one is right? ... Which one tastes the best?... and just what the heck is calcium disodium EDTA?”

What if I told you you could ditch those overpriced, over-sugared grocery store squeeze bottles and impress your friends and family with your very own HOMEMADE condiments?  This may seem unfathomable, but I promise you, most condiments, when made by hand, require just a few minutes of time and less than a handful of ingredients.  If you’ve got a whisk and a bowl, an egg and some oil, you’ve got yourself mayo in minutes!  Want to take it up a few levels? Got a blender? Then grab some mustard seed, a bit of booze, a bit of vinegar, and you’re on your way to mustard heaven.  Or grab a decent vinegar, whisk in a bit more oil (1:3 ratio to be precise) toss in some fresh herbs, and you’ve got the base for a killer vinaigrette for salads, veggies, marinades, etc.  Once you have the very basics down, the sky’s the limit for modifications.  It’s fast, it’s fresh, and it’s freakin good!  

And of course you can head on down to Terra Nomad to get your fix, where we’ll be whisking up fresh jams, jellies, mustards and mayos daily. Because, as a great man once said, “it’s too easy and it’s too good not to!”  

Homemade condiments: LETS GET THE WORD OUT!

-Chef Tyler

Directed & Produced by Charles Russell

Cinematography & Editing by Derek Ellis