Terra Nomad is a unique café and concept store in downtown Bismarck.  Our intent is to provide a holistic experience for guests at our store, as we not only focus on the ambience, but complement it with our passion for food, coffee and clothing.  We intend to cater to a creative lifestyle with quality, authentic, and distinctive products tailored to men and women.  

Terra Nomad seeks to be a comfortable forum to bring friends, spend time, and exchange ideas; a meeting place for the modern day nomad.

Be a Nomad. 

Hey.  It's Christopher.  Until recently I have always been someone who wouldn't stay too long in one place.  I loved the idea of living in a new city, meeting new people, and experiencing new things.  A modern day nomad who grew up in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Minneapolis.  New York.  Detroit.  Omaha.  Kansas City.  Ciudad Real.  

The past ten years have taken me to many interesting cities and I have had the privilege of working with some great people and companies.  I was introduced to so many new things.  Fashion.  Food.  Drink.  Music.  I love the idea of providing a forum where we can highlight some of our favorite things.  Whether it is a new brand or a unique twist on a breakfast staple, we intend to stay fresh and unique.

Oh, hey!  I'm Julia.  I grew up in Montana, in a beautiful part of the state where you can walk out your front door and see for miles.  That's where my appreciation for the world started.  Walking out my front door and wanting to see everything in the world.  With every new adventure-the more I see, feel, hear, and taste-I feel a greater desire to share these experiences with everyone.

More than anything I have a huge love for people-and cats-but that's another story.  I've spent the last six years in the beauty industry and it has taught me everyone is different and that is something to celebrate.  I don't want to just make people feel good about themselves.  I want to do it with companies that love people, the earth and making a difference as much as I do.

Hey Guys, Tyler here.  Born and raised a North Dakotan, I had no idea the adventures life would throw my way when I left 18 years ago.  Inspired by childhood trips to the Minot zoo, I spent almost a decade working with primates at zoos, sanctuaries, and world-class research facilities.  The animals diets combined with good food and hospitality led me to pursue my next quest, pursuing a career in the culinary arts.  Through my studies at Arizona Culinary Institute in Scottsdale, AZ, I had the pleasure of working under the tutelage of talented and award winning chefs who had garnered James Beard nominations and Food Network Awards.

Post graduation, I found myself working in private homes, commercial kitchens, and basically anyplace you could create a "kitchen" as the Executive Sous Chef and Operations Manager for a high end Italian dining company that served not just incredible, crave-able food but also created unique dining experiences for guests. 

Having left home and experienced a bit of the world, I'm returning to North Dakota with that same passion for adventure with the hopes of sharing and recreating for Terra Nomad what I've smelled, sipped, and savored.


Christopher   Julia   Tyler